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To secure and represent great properties

Reemsborko is a licensing agency that represents the most interesting properties in pop culture across all categories and in multiple territories. We also offer consultancy and can broker deals for you. Contact us to learn more.

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Reemsborko continues to seek out the best, most interesting, and commercial properties, and marry them with licensees who can make and distribute appropriate and quality products, in order to delight the fans.


Further to the portfolio above, Reemsborko can also help secure contracts for the following:

Leonard Cohen
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We have a passion for pop culture and great contacts across the whole of the licensing industry. 

Reemsborko was founded by Max Arguile in 2018. This boutique agency brings a passion for pop culture backed by experience and strong relationships across the whole of the licensing industry. From 1996 to 2018 Max negotiated and signed over 1000 contracts in the genres of music, film, TV, brands, art, photography, football, video games and animé, working as a licensee with all the major and most of the minor licensors and agents, for UK, European and global deals across a variety of products.  


Reemsborko also offers a brokering service, to help you secure those elusive licenses that might not seem like an obvious fit to others but that you know have value, if only you knew how to acquire them.

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